The Latest Technological Advances in Hybrid Vehicles

Buying a hybrid vehicle is one of the best ways to save money on gas. These types of cars are easy to use and do not need to fill up with fuel half as often as the average car. Because of this, you can save a ton of money every single week when you use the vehicle on a routine basis. The main issue that surrounds hybrid cars is that they are often a lot more Continue Reading »

Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Which is Best For You?

Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Which is Best For You?

How To Choose Between The Best Alternative Vehicles
On the one hand, consumers are getting more driving choices than ever before. This is a beautiful fact, since we live in a world that desperately requires Earth stewardship that is more efficient. In addition, alternative fuel vehicles like hybrid, electric, biodiesel and hydrogen cars are making a profound difference on the environment. Furthermore, these types of ecologically sustainable vehicles are reducing pollution and energy consumption at a fast rate. However, on the other hand, the Continue Reading »

Electric Car Savings Fluctuate with Electricity Rates

Electric vehicles have caused plenty of excitement for drivers who are looking to increase the efficiency of their vehicles. However, many buyers are still left wondering just how much money the invest will save them over extended periods of time. If the car still requires the consumption of large amount of electricity, then are you simply lowering the gas bill in exchange for a higher electric bill? The answer is not exactly simple. Electricity rates can play a big part in exactly how much money making the switch can earn you. Before running out to the dealership to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, you should choose a Ambit Energy with the best rate to save on your energy costs even more.

Many electric companies are experimenting with flat fees for their customers that are making the switch to electric vehicles. These types of programs allow customers to have a separately metered charging circuit that is designed especially for their electric car. In general, programs such as these are available to a small percentage of residential customers. In addition, the program only offers rates at about nine cents per kilowatt hour during normal times and 16 cents per kilowatt hour during peak intervals. Getting the most value for the dollar out of figures such as these call for putting in close to 2,000 miles worth of driving each month. The flat fee does not always guarantee customers tremendous savings.

Currently, most electric car owners experience a vast difference in savings depending on the electricity rates in their area. The highest cost in the United States is now running about 27 cents per kWh. Translating that into miles for comparison with the average cost of miles per gallon results in a bill that is half as large. This evaluation prices gas at close to three dollars per gallon. The average rate for electricity across the United States is 12 cents per kWh, increasing the savings even more. Most drivers can expect to reduce their fuel costs in any given quarter by as much as 1,000. The savings are not limited to the distance you can go on the dollar, however. Electric engines do not need an oil change every 3,000 miles. Eliminating the need to stop in for this kind of service saves most drivers around 100 dollars per year. The numbers reflect definite, substantial savings that come with purchasing an electric vehicle. The amount of savings, however, depend on driving habits and the willingness of electric companies to work with consumers based on their needs.

Colorado Leading The Way In Alternative Fuel Use

With the limitations and problems involved with conventional fuel sources, alternative energy promises to play a more important role in the years to come. Learning more about how Colorado is leading the way in the use of alternative fuels and renewable energy may provide an important glimpse into the trends we can expect to see more of in the future. With bio-diesel and ethanol providing a viable alternative to conventional fossil fuels, future vehicles may be powered by a wide range of fuel sources Continue Reading »

Going Electric As A Patriotic Act

The U.S. is the largest importer of petroleum, the second-largest importer of natural gas, and the 19th-largest importer of coal. It is also the largest consumer of petroleum, the largest consumer of natural gas, and the second-largest consumer of coal. Our reliance on foreign fossil-fuels is very real and makes us very vulnerable as a nation. Many argue that we should increase domestic drilling and mining, yet the threat of climate change, the lack of quality domestic petroleum, and the environmental and health dangers of fracking and coal mining make this argument Continue Reading »

Will Electric Cars Ever Break Through In The Marketplace?

Electric motors have been around for decades, and experts have long predicted a future dominated by electric cars. However, it is easy to see that internal-combustion engines are still the most popular source of power for cars. Will electric cars ever take over?

Electric motors have some inherent advantages. Because they operate efficiently at a wide range of speeds, transmissions are not necessary on electric cars, which greatly simplifies vehicle maintenance and reduces costs. In addition, electric motors are fairly cheap, and cars can Continue Reading »

Tax Incentives And Credits For the Alternative Vehicle Buyer

Investing in a more sustainable vehicle can ensure that you save money at the pump and reduce your need for non-renewable resources. Tax incentives and credits that exist to help vehicle buyers share the expense of their purchase can be an essential resource for those who wish to make use of a more fuel efficient car or truck. Learning more about such credits, and availing yourself of any financial assistance that you may qualify for Continue Reading »

Can A Hybrid Save Me Money?

New hybrid vehicles come to the market every year, and the technology used to power them is constantly improving. For many people, however, the question of whether a hybrid vehicle is the right investment depends upon whether they will lead to savings. Here are a few considerations for those trying to determine if hybrid vehicles are a wise investment.

First, it is important to determine what vehicle a hybrid is being compared against. There are a number of non-hybrid vehicles that can lead to significant savings, Continue Reading »

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